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The English translation lyrics to Jimin‘s “Letter” are available below. This song was released on March 24th 2023, as the seventh track on the kpop star’s solo album, FACE.

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Jimin – Letter Lyrics

Verse 1
What should I say?
How will I deliver it?
I’m just clumsy
I know it’s obvious
So that it’s not taken lightly
Let me tell you properly

I say uh-oh, I hope you’re happier
You-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh who used to reach out to me when I fell
I say uh-oh, I’ll hold you now (I’ll hold you)
So that you won’t fall down when you want to cry

Verse 2
Will you still be the same even if some time has passed?
Like the first time we met, hmm-mmm
If we were together, even the desert could turn to a sea
Just the way we wеre then, oh-hoo-ooh

I say uh-oh, I hope wе last forever
You-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh that felt like a warm spring day to me in the cold winter
I say uh-oh, I’ll always cherish them
The fun moments between you and me

Baby, don’t leave, just stay with me, yeah
To you who saw me greater than my little self (to you)
So that I can only deliver as much as I received (Uh-oh)
So that I can keep my word (Uh-oh)
Don’t worry, just stay by your side, yeah
Because I don’t know what days awaits us (Yeah)
I’m scared even though it looks like it (Uh-oh)
Don’t forget to always say “together” (don’t forget)

I know it’s obvious
So that it’s not taken lightly
Let me tell you this properly

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