O’Kenneth and XlimKid Lyrics

Dive into the poignant lyrics of Lonely Road by O’Kenneth featuring XlimKid, embarking on an emotional journey through poetic verses. These lyrics vividly depict solitude and introspection, weaving a tale of navigating life’s challenges on a path less traveled. The collaboration between O’Kenneth and XlimKid creates a powerful synergy, delivering a melodic narrative that resonates with the complexities of the human experience.

O’Kenneth & XlimKid – Lonely Road Lyrics

On a lonely road I’m wilding
And I don’t know when I’m coming home
I been fighting with these demons inside me
They been killing me inside on the low
They wanna see a nigga retarded
They wanna see a nigga stay low ohh
But I still stay up I’m shining
I’m living no regret oh no oh

εyε aborosan fi kεseε bi mu na yεte
Sε me twa mani hwε baabi aa nayε fri
Na wo hw3 dan bi mu
Nemu nipa bi aa wom aa
Na εny3 oo
Na sε me pue abɔnten na
De3 nipa ho s3 me sere
Me tirim εyε εkuro bi
Nso mentumi mpere
Deε yε asoma no ɔnda
Mebɔ birim sε mete kyekyire aa
Menyε sloww ο

Deε wanbrε no nεbεyε dede
Meka masεm aa anka monyinaa mobεtwa so ne dede
Woka nsεm a
Wa asεm nyε asεm
Yε sire wo hehe
Yεfa ɔbra no sε
εwoɔ bi ne dua abele
sε wo famu na Nyame nhyira wo
Pra woa noa aka
Nti papa ne bone deε bεba bia fa

Here I’m just tryna feed my soul
Me mema Mani s) de3 mew) oo
See me everyday I’m in my mind
how I’m gonna grow my soul
I’m doing all I can I’m trying
Before I’m dead and gone

Mo mu bi nya me ay3 na mongyae me
I cannot kill myself
Before I go ooh oh
Before I’m dead and gone
Before I leave this earth
I was kid now I’m grown
Before I go oh oh
I wanna use my time right
Let bygones begone

Before I’m dead and gone
In this game I aim to be king not a pawn
Grind from dusk to dawn
And my faith was strong
And the unexpected was drawn
Deliver pain in my songs
Couple allegations was shun
Stretched out my flesh and bones
And I corrected my wrongs

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